Multi Vendor Services


Multi Vendor Services

Hardware problems cost time and money and are the cause of many frustrations. To solve this problem, we offer Multi Vendor Services. These are maintenance services for hardware and software from various vendors.

Many customers are faced with all kinds of different expiry dates for various components. This means that there is a chance that contracts for components are not extended, even though this was certainly the intention. With IBM Multi Vendor Services you can combine hardware from different vendors in one contract. This means you can go to one place for all your hardware support. This lowers the costs of contract management and prevents surprises.


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9 October, 2019

Nutreco: Hardware replacement of the production system with minimal downtime

In 2017 the moment arrived: the hardware was depreciated, the capacity began to run out. Rene Smetsers of Nutreco had to buy something new. In this customer reference he relates how…