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Service Desk

The Service Desk serves as a single point of contact. If questions or incidents are intended for other IT suppliers, these will also be taken up by our Service Desk and forwarded to the relevant supplier. The Service Desk monitors the progress and reports back to the relevant user. You will no longer be sent from ‘pillar to post’ by your various suppliers.

Our Service Desk can be reached by telephone, email and via the web. Our service organization is set up on the basis of ITIL and uses TOPDESK.


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Reference case Nutreco Reference CaseSolutions
9 October, 2019

Nutreco: Hardware replacement of the production system with minimal downtime

In 2017 the moment arrived: the hardware was depreciated, the capacity began to run out. Rene Smetsers of Nutreco had to buy something new. In this customer reference he relates how…
CloudReference CaseUncategorized
9 October, 2019

LSP: Should you replace your hardware or move to the IBM Power Cloud?

The main question that Marco Pieplenbosch, managing director of LSP Solutions, asked himself in 2016, was: am I going to replace my hardware or am I going to the cloud?…
ExtraVar Power Cloud Cloud
9 October, 2019

No worries about IT system management thanks to the ExtraVar Power Cloud

Do you use an IBM Power Server and are you considering moving to the cloud? Then you do not want to have to worry about availability, downtime and system management.…