Managed Services

Managed Services at ExtraVar

The ExtraVar Managed Services comprise a number of services: the Service Desk, Operational System Management, Technical System Management, 24×7 Stand-by Services and Service Level Management. Here is more information about each Managed Service.

The Service Desk

The ExtraVar Service Desk provides solutions for questions or incidents, and acts as a ‘single point of contact’ for non-commercial requests. Consider, for instance, an explanation about a system message, questions and planning requests. Even requests for other IT suppliers are dealt with by ExtraVar, and passed on to the supplier in question.

Operational System Management

With Operational System Management, ExtraVar takes care, either remotely or on-site, of the tasks that normally speaking are carried out by a system administrator. This not only involves monitoring the health of the system, we also take action if user or safety requirements change. With Operational System Management we structurally improve the IT environment.

Technical System Management

With Technical System Management, ExtraVar assumes responsibility for the technical maintenance of your system. Technical management involves highly specialised content, and is a requirement for a well-functioning IT environment. It is important for system security and support from the supplier. We identify those actions that are required for your system, and carry out updates for you. 

24×7 Stand-by Services

With 24×7 Stand-by Services you can always reach us outside of office hours when faults occur. Many organisations have computer systems that must also be accessible after closing time. For example, when production and distribution continue running in the evening, or you have branches in other time zones. 24×7 support from ExtraVar is available for Intel/Windows platforms and IBM Power platforms. 

Service Level Management

Service Level Management provides you with insight into past and current incidents and the response times. In addition, we make recommendations on how to improve the IT environment. With Service Level Management, ExtraVar assumes responsibility for project management. For example, budget control, intermediate deadlines and deploying the right people to the right tasks. Quality, personal service and risk management are key to achieving this. Professional project management is essential during the complex change projects that IT is regularly confronted with.

Technical System Management

Support of technical system management through regular health checks and updates of your environment.

Service Desk

Our Service Desk can be reached by telephone, email and via the web. Our service organization is set up on the basis of ITIL and uses TOPDESK.

Operational System Management

Control and optimization based on, for instance, user requirements or changes of security requirements.

24×7 stand-by services

A quick continuation of your business processes after a disaster, thanks to an expert who is familiar with your IT environment.

Service Level Management

Full IT service provision through qualitative and personal services and risk management.