No worries about IT system management thanks to the ExtraVar Power Cloud

Do you use an IBM Power Server and are you considering moving to the cloud? Then you do not want to have to worry about availability, downtime and system management. With the IBM Power Cloud, ExtraVar will remove these worries for you, so that the IT department can focus on matters that really make a difference for your business.

The ExtraVar Power Cloud is based on IBM Power Servers and is set up in renowned data centers in Amsterdam and Woerden. You rent a partition and make use of the specifications that we mutually agree to.

In addition, we can manage your environment and ensure that your backups are performed automatically. In this way, ExtraVar ensures optimum continuity of your critical business processes.

The main reasons for choosing the IBM Power Cloud from ExtraVar are:

  • Continuity of your processes
  • Higher availability
  • Faster backups (zero downtime)
  • No worries about system management

In addition, the IBM Power Cloud offers you flexibility in capacity and financing. It is easy to upscale and downscale and you pay a monthly amount depending on the required capacity. This means that you will never be left with surplus hardware, which you would otherwise have had to depreciate yourself.

As a Power Server partner with the highest status, Extravar has been the IBM i-specialist in the Dutch market for many years. If you want to know more about the IBM Power Cloud, please contact one of our experts.


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