ExtraVar Workspace Cloud

ExtraVar Workspace Cloud

These days, server capacity from the cloud is a perfectly normal occurance. Why would you not operate your entire workspace in the cloud? A cloud workplace provides employees with more freedom than ever to work where and whenever they want.

It is important to facilitate your employees as well as possible, so that they can work effectively whilst enjoying their job. Cooperation is the core element for this. With colleagues, but also with customers and partners.

Why the ExtraVar Workspace Cloud?

The workplace has been available outside the office for many years, partly due to the use of laptops, whether or not in combination with remote desktop technologies. A cloud workplace goes a step further. A workplace from the cloud offers the possibility to work independently of location and device with an almost identical interface on your desktop, laptop and smartphone. The environment adapts itself, depending on the device that you are using.

How does it work?

Your workplace runs in our cloud and integrates seamlessly with, for example, Office 365. The user can set up the interface to completely suit their own requirements, for example with e-mail, news and agenda. Legacy applications are accessed on the basis of Remote Desktop Services. In this way, the workspace cloud provides access to all tools for productivity and cooperation.

The benefits of ExtraVar Workspace Cloud are:

  • Flexible workspace with an intuitive interface.
  • Fast deployment
  • Independent of location and device
  • Payment per user per month

Do you want to know more about the workplace in the cloud? Please contact one of our experts.


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