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A dilemma faced by many IT departments that work with IBM i-environments is: should I replace my Power Servers or should my organisation transfer to the cloud? The IBM Power Cloud from ExtraVar is available for organisations that deploy a cloud first IT strategy.

Why the Power Cloud?

For many years, IBM i has been the trusted platform worldwide for mission-critical workloads. However, it is also a platform that requires specialised knowledge. With the ExtraVar Power Cloud you can operate this important IBM environment in a high-quality cloud, with various extra services in the areas of back-up, availability and management. The ExtraVar Power Cloud can be securely connected to your own infrastructure (hybrid cloud) or to those of other cloud providers in order to combine various services.

Even for organisations that already work with a cloud scenario for their on-premise infrastructure that operates on Windows/Linux, the Power Cloud from ExtraVar is the ultimate solution. Capitalize on the benefits provided by the IBM Power Servers with this flexible cloud environment.

How does it work?

The ExtraVar Power Cloud offers reliable and powerful IBM Power Systems in a scalable and flexible pay-per-use cloud environment. The ExtraVar Power Cloud has various availability zones. Furthermore, the ExtraVar managed services can be used for complete unburdening with regard to the management of the cloud environment.

The benefits of the ExtraVar Power Cloud are:

  • Fast deployment
  • Easy to increase and decrease capacity
  • Only pay according to use
  • Extra: full operational outsourcing via managed services
  • Extra: (zero downtime) back-up & disaster recovery

Try now free of charge

As a Power Server partner with the highest status, ExtraVar has been the IBM Power i specialist in the Dutch market for many years. Do you want to know more about the ExtraVar Power Cloud? Please contact one of our experts.

Are you considering transferring to the cloud, but first want to experience what impact this may have on your organisation? Try the ExtraVar Power Cloud for one month free of charge.


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