ExtraVar Power Cloud for SAP HANA

Power Cloud for SAP HANA

ExtraVar Power Cloud for SAP HANA

You plan to switch one step at a time from your current SAP environment to SAP HANA. This poses a dilemma: are you going to replace your servers or are you going transfer to the cloud?

If you do not have the required in-house infrastructure knowledge for SAP HANA, but you do want to manage the platform yourself, then opt for the Power Cloud for SAP HANA from ExtraVar, based on IBM Power Servers.

Why the Power Cloud for SAP HANA?

You want to move to SAP HANA and in the coming years you plan to transfer an increasing number of SAP functions to SAP HANA. This requires a considerable investment in time and money. Since SAP is only going to continue to support its standard ERP system for a few more years, it is of vital importance that you carefully and timely evaluate your options. Chose the IBM Power Cloud from ExtraVar to achieve the maximum benefits from SAP HANA.

How does it work?

The ExtraVar Power Cloud for SAP HANA makes use of the powerful IBM Power Systems, that are extremely suitable for the SAP HANA workload. You can securely combine this service with the services in your own data centre or with the services from other cloud providers.

In combination with IBM Storage and other enterprise-class components, ExtraVar offers a cloud environment that fully satisfies the standards for SAP TDI (tailored data centre integration).

The benefits of the ExtraVar Power Cloud for SAP HANA are:

  • Fast deployment
  • Easy to increase and decrease capacity
  • Only pay according to use
  • Structure in accordance with SAP HANA TDI
  • Can be securely connected to your own data centre environment (hybrid cloud) or other cloud providers

As a Power Server partner with the highest status, ExtraVar has been the IBM Power specialist in the Dutch market for many years. Do you want to know more about the ExtraVar Power Cloud for SAP HANA? Please contact one of our experts.

What does the Power Cloud for SAP HANA entail?

Technical background information

  • The availability of the IBM Power Server is still unsurpassed in the market. It is possible to increase the availability by mirroring the environment to a second availability zone.
  • The capacity is based on Power Servers and is charged monthly on the basis of the number of required cores, memory and disc space. If required, the Linux OS is also included in the model.
  • The back-up can be stored in two different availability zones using enterprise class hardware. Use can be made of back-up tooling in SAP HANA or of tools from third parties.


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