ExtraVar IaaS


ExtraVar IaaS

ExtraVar IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offers you the possibility to purchase hardware resources as a service. You can flexibly purchase processor, memory, storage and network capacity independently of each other – and based on usage. The service is available for all IBM Power and Intel environments.

ExtraVar has been an important player in the IBM Power market for decades. This is one of the reasons that we have been able to develop a qualitative distinctive Power Cloud. The ExtraVar Power Cloud offers excellent facilities with regard to communication, availability and backup. ExtraVar has also been designated as an official IBM Power Cloud Service Provider.


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Reference case LSPCloudReference Case
9 October, 2019

LSP: Should you replace your hardware or move to the IBM Power Cloud?

The main question that Marco Pieplenbosch, managing director of LSP Solutions, asked himself in 2016, was: am I going to replace my hardware or am I going to the cloud?…
ExtraVar Power CloudBlogCloud
9 October, 2019

No worries about IT system management thanks to the ExtraVar Power Cloud

Do you use an IBM Power Server and are you considering moving to the cloud? Then you do not want to have to worry about availability, downtime and system management.…